Tue 11th Oct 2016

Open Letter to ULP cabinet urgently requesting they cancel geothermal project

11 October 2016


The Hon Attorney General of SVG
and ULP Regime Cabinet Secretary
Attorney General Chambers
St Vincent and the Grenadines


Dear Hon Attorney General,

I write as the Leader of SVG Green Party and as a deeply concerned citizen - by birth - of St Vincent and the Grenadines. I request that the ULP Cabinet urgently cancel the recently approved geothermal project to be constructed in St Vincent.

This project is a great danger to our people and country. Geothermal, and its by products, can

(a) cause heart and lung disease,

(b) kill our drinking water supply, as the geothermal project is located directly above the precipitation area that provides our drinking water,

(c) cause earthquakes, and

(d) shut down suddenly without any reason.

Please see attached a copy SVG Green Party’s concerns as set out in the SVG Green Party article for 14 October 2016 in the News and the Vincentian newspapers.

We request a formal response from the ULP regime within 28 days from the date of this letter.

Yours faithfully


Hon Ivan O’Neal BSc hons, MSc, MBA
Leader and Co-founder of SVG Green Party

CC:      His Excellency the Governor General of SVG                    Hon Chief Justice of OECS
            Hon Leader of the Opposition                                         President SVG Christian Council
            President World Bank                                                     President IMF
            President Caribbean Development                                  President World Health Organisation

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