St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party

Deep sea fishing industry

Deep sea fishing industry

A Green Government will create a tuna fishing industry and fish processing for export. Fish will then be affordable for all families. A multi-billion dollar fish industry will play a pivotal part in promoting good health, creating hundreds of jobs and bringing prosperity for all in SVG.

Fishing for tuna on our deep-sea fish licence is a billion dollar industry. At the moment Taiwan uses our fish licence and makes billions of dollars and does not pay tax. The ULP regime lets Taiwan abuse Vincentians.

A Green government will end Taiwan’s abuse and take back our licence and create a deep sea fishing industry.

Taiwan has been abusing Vincentians for far too long. Taiwan’s presence has been holding back SVG’s development for over 30 years. Taiwan cream-off billions of dollars from our deep sea fish licence and leave our children in poverty.

A Green government will cut ties with Taiwan and book the Taiwanese ambassador a one way ticket out of SVG – forever. We will make ties with China and form bi-lateral trade agreements.

A Green government will also create a fish processing and canning factory in SVG. This industry alone can create hundreds of jobs for our people and bring prosperity.

As in Zanzibar, a Green government will provide credit facilities to help fisherman, and unemployed young women and men, to engage in fishing. It is important to empower women to fight poverty and run their own businesses.

In Zanzibar, a rejuvenated fishing and canning industry has created hundreds of new jobs in secondary local industries such as ice-making plants, cold-storage services, boat-building yards, workshops to make fishing nets and engine repair and maintenance workshops.

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