St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party

Articles 2022

Free preschools needed for all children in SVG

SVG needs its own currency to stimulate our economy and create thousands of jobs

Taiwan still p*ssing on Vincentians

Congratulations - China has reopened its embassy in Nicaragua

New economy needed for the new generation

People saying ‘fix the roads!’

Tax avoiders beware?

Quarrying and mining operations at Richmond by foreigners is a gross insult

SVG Government revenue down for February 2022 – a shortfall of EC$10m

I don’t have a dollar coming in!

SVG must become 100% renewable energy for electricity to reduce the cost of living

8th March - International Women's Day 2022

20 years of the Mustique Act No. 48 of 2002

Neither the NDP nor ULP Regimes have the ability to move SVG into prosperity

11th February - International Day of Women and Girls in Science

SVG - 43 years of independence from the UK, but no progress made

SVG needs better health facilities

SVG should be 100% electricity produced from renewable energy

SVG economy in a terrible mess

Six airports, but no university in SVG – big mistake