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Fri 12th Aug 2022

Foreign criminal given SVG citizenship


It was reported in iWitness News, that David Ames – the former owner and developer of Buccament Bay resort – was convicted of fraud recently in the UK. When David Ames came to SVG, he was welcomed with open arms by the ULP regime. He was assisted in acquiring the lands at Buccament Bay, where Vincentians farmers were displaced.

iWitness News reported that David Ames is a ‘naturalised Vincentian’. It was a serious lack of judgement by the ULP regime to give David Ames Vincentian citizenship. Our citizenship should be valued more highly, and not given to anyone who comes to our shores with dreams and promises.

Even now David Ames has been convicted, one has to wonder whether the ULP regime has let him keep the Vincentian citizenship or whether this has been revoked.

This whole saga raises the question again of whether foreigners should be given Vincentian citizenship, even if they invest in our country.

Opposition leader Dr. Godwin Friday has suggested that, if the NDP get into government, they would allow Citizenship by Investment in SVG. Citizenship by Investment is the granting of citizenship status to individuals (and immediate family members) if they make a specified and quantifiable financial investment in a country.

Citizenship by Investment is a brainless idea and the type of thing someone would suggest who has no proper economic strategy and no idea about how to move our country forward and create prosperity for our people. It would be really bad and stupid to have Citizenship by Investment in SVG.

To even suggest Citizenship by Investment, shows that a person is weak in the head and has no idea how to strengthen our economy and create factories, industries and thousands of new jobs.

Even the ULP regime seems to be falling over themselves, in their eagerness to throw Vincentian citizenship to foreigners who happen to come to SVG. When the white foreigners come to SVG, it often results in white racism against the black majority of SVG.

White racism has resulted in poor black people being pushed off their land, displaced to make way for the super-rich white foreigners. White racism has resulted in black farmers being moved from their farm land to make way for hotels for the white man. Look at David Ames and Buccament Bay.

White racism has resulted in large swaths of our lands being sold off cheaply to super-rich white foreigners, whilst many poor black people have to live jam up in small areas. White racism has resulted in toxic legislation. White racism has resulted in white enclaves, designed to keep black people out unless they are serving the white man. Look at Mustique and Canouan.

White racism has resulted in a racist tax system, that gives the super-rich white foreigners in Mustique and Canouan hundreds of millions of dollars of tax and customs duty exemptions. White racism has resulted in a system that allows the super-rich white foreigners to buy the government of their choice.

Giving Vincentian citizenship to random foreigners who come to our shores with dreams and promises and bags of money, shows a lack of respect to our Vincentian heritage and Vincentian citizenship. It is a serious threat to our country that someone would sell Vincentian citizenship like selling a sack of sweet potato.

Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan Bertie O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc. MBA, says that Vincentian citizenship should only be given to people who are Vincentians by birth or by descent.

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