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Fri 29th Apr 2022

Congratulations - China has reopened its embassy in Nicaragua


Congratulations to China and Nicaragua from SVG Green Party. China reopened its embassy in Nicaragua in January 2022, a few weeks after the Central American country switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to Beijing. It is more than past time for SVG to follow suit and ditch the parasite Taiwan.

The Nicaragua change was a political win for China, which claims Taiwan as part of its territory and has stepped up pressure to isolate the self-ruled island on the international stage. Taiwan has just 14 diplomatic allies remaining.

Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada, speaking at a ceremony marking the reopening of the embassy, said: “You are welcome in our Nicaragua … with the certainty that both countries have ahead of us a future of successes and victories in our brotherly relations.” Nicaragua has recognised that its economy would be much better off with China as a trading partner. The same is true for SVG.

The new Chinese embassy will be under the orders of Yu Bu, who inaugurated it at the ceremony with Moncada and other officials. China’s State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Beijing welcomes and appreciates the right decision made by Nicaragua. SVG has made the wrong decision for over 40 years having the parasite Taiwan in our country. Our country is being ripped-off.

China has spent decades encouraging Taiwan’s dwindling diplomatic allies to switch sides, including three others in Latin America in recent years – Panama, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. On 9th December 2021, the Ortega administration announced that Nicaragua was following suit. “The People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing all of China.’

SVG's economy is very weak after over 4 decades of Taiwan's continuous scrounging from our country. SVG must urgently cut ties with Taiwan. The message to the scrounging Taiwan is 'go home and stop milking SVG'.

SVG's relationship with Taiwan has been bad for Vincentians, but good for the parasites, Taiwan. Taiwan is a very rich country. According to the CIA World fact book, Taiwan has reserves of foreign exchange and gold amounting to US$408.5 billion; the seventh highest in the world. Unemployment in Taiwan is only 4.2%, whereas in SVG it's more like 50%.

Taiwan was home to 312,000 millionaire (US dollars) households in 2012. They rank 8th highest in the world, with 4% of households being millionaire households. On top of that, according to, Taiwan also has 34 billionaires (US dollars) in 2012.

The contrast to SVG is vile and immoral.

Taiwan imported US$268.8 billion in goods in 2012, but none of that was from SVG. Taiwan has not built one factory in SVG to help stimulate economic growth and create jobs. Taiwan continues to cream-off billions of dollars a year on our deep sea tuna fishing licence, regardless of how many Vincentians are suffering. This exploitation is killing our children's future.

SVG must take back its deep sea fish licence from Taiwan, and operate a tuna fishing and processing industry ourselves, to create thousands of new jobs and surplus revenue to invest in science and technology universities and renewable energy.

SVG must get rid of Taiwan. The Taiwan parasites should go home – 4 decades of scrounging in SVG is enough.

Congratulations to China and Nicaragua. Hopefully, one day soon, SVG will do the same and ditch Taiwan.

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