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Fri 18th Oct 2019

Citizenship by Investment in SVG would be very dangerous


Opposition leader Dr. Godwin Friday has suggested that, if NDP get in to government, they would allow Citizenship by Investment in SVG.

Citizenship by Investment is the granting of citizenship status to individuals (and immediate family members) if they make a specified and quantifiable financial investment in a country.

Citizenship by Investment is a brainless idea and the type of thing someone would suggest who has no proper economic strategy and no idea about how to move our country forward and create prosperity for our people. It would be really bad and stupid to have Citizenship by Investment in SVG.

To even suggest Citizenship by Investment, shows that a person is weak in the head and has too much air between the ears and not enough grey matter. It shows that a person has no idea how to create factories, industries and thousands of new jobs.

To put forward the idea of Citizenship by Investment suggests that one does not value our Vincentian heritage and Vincentian citizenship. It is a serious threat to our country that someone would sell Vincentian citizenship like selling a sack of sweet potato.

Citizenship by Investment is not sustainable, because once you sell off the country, nothing is left. We must protect and preserve our country for our children and grandchildren.

Citizenship by Investment opens our country up to abuse. It is disgusting that Friday would suggest this. What next, selling off our children too? Clearly, Friday and the NDP are not fit to lead the country as they have no coherent and credible economic policies.

Granting Citizenship by Investment would entitle thousands of rich foreigners the right to live and work in SVG. They would buy thousands of acres of our land, leaving nothing for our children and grandchildren.

Beware of Friday’s and the NDP’s plan for Citizenship by Investment in SVG. It is dangerous for our people and country - very dangerous!

Citizenship by Investment in SVG could be viewed as a security and terrorist concern by other countries. It is viewed by some countries as facilitating financial and terrorists crimes, as people use Citizenship by Investment to mask their identity and geographic background for the purpose of evading international sanctions or engaging in financial crime.

If we have Citizenship by Investment in SVG, then some countries could withdraw visa-free access for Vincentians to their country, as they fear that Vincentian passports could mistakenly be sold to terrorists, crooks, money-launderers and other conmen.

Having Citizenship by Investment in SVG could lead to countries such as the US, UK and Canada imposing stricter visa requirements on Vincentians to enter these countries. This would hurt our people and may make it harder for Vincentians to visit family in these countries or go and work and live in these countries.

Foreign governments have reacted to the concept of Citizenship by Investment with anger, claiming that it would help criminals and terrorists move money and people undetected.

A number of Vincentians have reacted with disgust at Friday’s idea of selling our citizenship and national identity. SVG Green Party is deeply opposed to Citizenship by Investment in SVG and concerned that SVG would be besieged by even more white foreigners not paying tax and custom duties and taking our land.

According to Warrant Officer Ivan Bertie O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, the Mustique Act No. 48 of 2002 is quite like Citizenship by Investment. We do not want more rich foreigners taking our lands.

Do not vote for Friday’s Citizenship by Investment in SVG. It is very dangerous for our people and country.

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