Fri 25th Jan 2019


ULP regime ignores SVG 1991 Census report and build jail instead of university

The SVG 1991 census revealed a clear correlation between university education and employment. It illustrated that the higher the level education one has, the greater the prospect of obtaining employment.

The SVG 1991 census revealed that unemployment among males with only primary school education was 81.6 per cent at the time, whereas unemployment among males with a university education was less than one per cent (Source SVG 1991 Census Report –Researched Ivan O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA).

The Operation of Population and Housing Census Report 1991 cost a lot of money and time, and it was carried out to be an accurate scientific guide as to what public policy is needed in SVG. The SVG 1991 census report showed that SVG needs to focus on education and that SVG needs a university in order to make unemployment less than one per cent.

According to Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, Leader of SVG Green Party, it was foolhardy for the ULP regime and the previous government to ignore the conclusions of the 1991 census report. A university was never built and still unemployment is high as many children leave school with only primary school education.

It was a waste of money to conduct the 1991 census and then ignore the 1991 census report findings, and also, it has been a societal disaster to ignore the 1991 census report findings as unemployment and poverty are still high in SVG.

The 1991 census report clearly showed which direction SVG should take for sustainable development and planning for future generation, but successive governments blatantly ignored it. This demonstrates that governments have ignored the Vincentian people’s needs. It is arrogance by government.

Is the ULP regime not spinning tap in mud in building a new jail instead of building a science and technology university, when it comes to moving our country forward and providing our people with a high standard of living?

Since independence, the Labour Party 1979 to 1984, the New Democratic Party 1984 to 2001 and the Unity Labour Party 2001 to 2019, have failed to see the significant importance to our people and to our country of building our own science and technology university.

According to Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, who lived in Singapore from 1963 to 1965, Singapore, in contrast, built universities within the first three years of independence from the United Kingdom. Singapore focused on building their nation on free, high-quality education from pre –school to university for all.

Now, Singapore is a World Bank success story with one of the highest standards of living in the world and unemployment at less than two per cent.

In the Budget Estimates, the useless and hopeless ULP regime allocated Capital expenditure on Education for 2020 of only EC$4.7 million. SVG has moved backward between 2001 to 2018 under the grossly incompetent ULP regime.

A Green Government would adopt the Singapore model for sustainable development and focus on free, high-quality education from pre-school to our own university. It would manage the Public Finance competently and not rely on begging for Public Debt forgiveness as the engine of the SVG economy, as the ULP regime is doing.

It is utterly shameful that the incompetent ULP regime has ignored the conclusions of the 1991 census report and never built a university for our children. The negative consequence of this is that unemployment is high and our people are suffering.

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