St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party


Fri 16th Nov 2018

Comparative analysis showing SVG’s lack of progress


Singapore, Switzerland and SVG are all considered to be small states geographically, yet Singapore and Switzerland are two of the major players worldwide with successful economies.

A comparative analysis between Singapore, Switzerland and SVG has revealed that Singapore and Switzerland are driven by the ability to move a country into prosperity and a high standard of living, and good governance of finance and law.

Both Singapore and Switzerland are extremely rich countries with a high standard of living and very low unemployment.

SVG, however, is driven by corruption, incompetence and extremely poor financial management. The ULP Regime was forced to beg for public debt forgiveness in 2002 and in 2017. This shows that SVG could never have prosperity and a high standard of living under the hopeless and useless ULP Regime.

SVG is a very poor country with a low standard of living and very high unemployment. Why is SVG driven by begging, whereas Switzerland and Singapore invest heavily in education, skills and operate knowledge-based economies that are export oriented?

A fair tax system in Singapore and Switzerland means the countries’ respective treasuries have enough funds to implement public policies and undertake infrastructure projects to move the countries forward.

In SVG, the unfair tax system whereby Taiwan and the super-rich of Mustique and Canouan do not pay tax, means the SVG Treasury is starved of funds to develop the country and create a better standard of living for all.

Another topic of great relevance to the three small states is science and education. Whereas Singapore and Switzerland have universities, technical colleges and good schools, SVG has the reverse with no universities and under-funded and dilapidated schools.

Singapore and Switzerland produce highly qualified people en masse and thus attract substantial amounts of foreign investment. Only about 2 per cent of SVG gain university degrees. The universities of Singapore and Switzerland have done well and hold top positions in international rankings. SVG does not have one university.

Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal BSc (hons), MSc, MBA, strongly believes that extremely deep corruption, gross incompetence and the of lack ability to manage finance have made it highly impossible to stimulate economic growth in SVG.

Can SVG become a Singapore or Switzerland of the Caribbean? Certainly yes, but first SVG must implement five new variables as follows:

1 Urgently elect new government in SVG under proportional representation;
2 Abolish the highly immoral Mustique ACT NO 48 OF 2002;
3 Urgently cut ties with the Dirty Dog Taiwan and open ties with China;
4 Make High Quality Education free from Pre-School to University;
5 Collect Fish Tax of EC$51 billion from Taiwan and build a knowledge-based economy.

Singapore and Switzerland government and companies both offer high-quality and guarantee to customers and clients they deal with. Products made in these countries are considered reliable, high-quality and high precision throughout the world.

SVG, in comparison, has failed to make a global identify for itself that foreign companies can look to and depend upon to provide high quality products and services.

Singapore and Switzerland produce a population that is geared towards critical thinking, problem analysis and creative thinking. This can be seen with Switzerland creating the International Red Cross, World Economic Forum and 15 countries in the Fortune Global 500 and Singapore creating Singapore Airlines from scratch which is globally recognised as one of the world’s best airlines.

SVG is sadly lacking on the world level. We are being left behind.

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