Fri 24th Nov 2017


White migrants lifestyle subsidised by black population

Under the Mustique Act 48 of 2002, the white migrants’ rich lifestyle in SVG is subsidised by the black population of SVG. This is totally unacceptable and shows that the parasitic Mustique Act 48 of 2002 is a gross abuse of our human rights by the SVG government.

The White Migrants of Mustique and the International Community must recognise and accept that the Mustique Act 48 of 2002 is bloated with corruption. The Mustique Act 48 of 2002 must be abolished immediately.

The White Migrants want to operate Mustique like a state with in a state and they believe they must dictate the terms of tax and customs duty they receive at the expense of everyone else in SVG.

For example, under Section 19 of the Mustique Act 48 of 2002, these white migrants act as if they are living in SVG in the 1920s, with substantial privileges. They demand these tax and customs duty exemption for the long term.

They have the right to import anything free from tax or customs duty, yet the indigenous population are not given the same exemptions. They want to live in exclusive white enclaves and pay no tax and customs duty.

The Mustique Act 48 of 2002 is bad for business, bad for racial harmony and very bad for long-term sustainable development in SVG. The greater the grant in tax and customs duty exemptions given to white migrants, the greater the Fiscal Deficits and weaker the SVG economy, with no real economic progress for our country.

We need a system of government in SVG that gives a high priority to job creation and not tax and customs duty exemptions to white migrants. It is high time that white migrants pack their bags and go back to where they come. They are very unfair in their demand for special treatment at the expense of the local black population.

The Mustique Act 48 of 2002 is a significant factor for poverty, hunger, destitution and high rates of unemployment and crime in SVG.

Countries with a high standard of living, such as Singapore and Switzerland, have a tax system that is fair. This fair tax system funds the essential services of the population, such as medical services and a world class education system.

Not only are Vincentians subsidising the rich lifestyle of the white migrants, Vincentians are being deprived of essential services, as SVG has inadequate medical facilities and a poor education system. Our people are suffering. SVG needs better hospitals and a better education system.

What are the benefits to SVG of the parasitic Mustique Act 48 of 2002? None.

SVG is being pushed to the ground by the White Migrants’ greed. Fellow Vincentians, change will come; the Mustique Act 48 of 2002 has to be abolished. Only a corrupt fool would accept the Mustique Act 48 of 2002.

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