Fri 25th Nov 2016

Gonsalves – climate change hypocrite

The UN Climate Change Conference recently took place from 7-18 November 2016, in Marrakech, Morocco. This was the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP 22) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Gonsalves’ speech to the conference mentioned ‘Thus all peoples and governments have an obligation to act responsibly to protect the global commons and our common humanity. There is really no other option for survival and sustainable development. This is a matter of existential consequence to humanity.’

Coming from Gonsalves, this is a load of climate change mumbo-jumbo.

Building the Argyle airport and encouraging people to fly thousands of miles across the world to visit SVG, is actively promoting more pollution and more destruction to our environment. Aviation is very damaging and substantially increases climate change. According to Friends of the Earth, aviation generates nearly as much CO2 annually as that from all human activities in Africa.

For countries such as SVG that have low-lying islands, tourism is very dangerous. Global warming is
expected to lead to a rise in sea levels of up to 95cms over the next century and many parts of SVG will be affected by rising sea levels and could disappear altogether.

Gonsalves went in to begging mode at the conference and called for the quadrupling of adaptation finance for developing countries.

Gonsalves is a climate change hypocrite, and rather than be given more money for climate change adaptation, the ULP government should have any climate change funding withheld until they run the country in line with reducing their harmful effects on climate change.

Building the Argyle airport and encouraging more tourism, shows that when it comes to reducing climate change, Gonsalves talks out of his backside and thinks with it too. Aviation increases global warming.

He mentioned that political will is a necessary ingredient in solving climate change, but is sadly lacking himself. He mentioned that all states, especially small island developing states, must remain focused to address concretely, and urgently, man-made climate change.

Hypocritical mumbo-jumbo!

In what way is increasing air travel and aviation pollution helping towards fighting man-made climate change. Can Gonsalves really be so stupid as to believe that increasing aviation pollution helps to reduce global warming?

Argyle airport is very bad for our country. About EC$1.3 billion has been wasted in the construction of the airport. This is a massive amount of money that could have better spent protecting SVG against the negative effects of climate change.

At the COP 22 conference, Gonsalves mentioned how, since 2010, SVG has suffered damage from natural disasters, highly abnormal torrential rains and landslides. But rather than spend EC$1.3 billion protecting our people from these natural disasters, he spends EC$1.3 billion building a new airport and encouraging global warming, putting the lives of our people more at risk of these disasters.

Far from being the saviour of SVG, tourism will kill SVG and leave parts of it under water. SVG must urgently move away from focusing on tourism as the engine of our economy. As Gonsalves said at the COP 22 conference ‘There is really no other option for survival and sustainable development. This is a matter of existential consequence to humanity.’

Gonsalves is a climate change hypocrite.

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