Fri 5th Dec 2014

Taiwan ambassador – pack your bags and go home!

The parasite Taiwan has been in SVG for over 30 years and Taiwan’s presence here has seriously inhibited SVG’s development. Taiwan has been bleeding our nation dry for over 3 decades and blighted the lives of a generation of Vincentians.

Taiwan claims to be in SVG to help our agriculture industry. Well, 30 years ago when the parasites came here, agriculture was booming and was the pride of the nation. Now, agriculture is dead, so what use have the parasitic Taiwanese been.

Taiwan is here to use our SVG tuna fishing licence. Under the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), SVG is one of the small number of countries that has the right to fish for tuna in the Atlantic. This licence is hugely valuable, but both the NDP and ULP regimes foolishly allow the Taiwanese to use our licence.

The Taiwanese ships fly the SVG flag and their ships should land their fish catch in SVG. However, the Taiwanese choose not to do this and this deprives Vincentians of jobs. The Taiwan ambassador should pack his bags and go home.

According to the Taipei Times, a Taiwan national newspaper, Taiwanese boats can catch 20,000 tonnes of tuna a year. In 2012, a 269kg (593lb) blue-fin tuna was sold in Tokyo for EC$1,987,200. The total price translates to EC$7,387 per kilogram or EC$7,387,000 per tonne. A 20,000 tonnes catch translates to EC$147,740,000,000.

The parasitic Taiwanese are literally eating our fish and throwing us the bones by way of their pathetic and miserly donations. For every 1 dollar Taiwan gives SVG, Taiwan creams-off about 500 dollars.

On top of making billions of dollars from our SVG tuna fishing licence, the parasite Taiwan does not pay tax to the SVG Treasury as it is meant to do.

The Taiwanese are making billions of dollars from our tuna fishing licence. All the billions of dollars that have been made from our tuna fishing licence by the Taiwanese over the past 30 years should have been used to improve Vincentians’ lives. Instead, Taiwan uses this money for its people and Vincentians go without.

If all the billions of dollars made by the parasitic Taiwanese had been invested in SVG, Vincentians would be much better off. SVG could have had free preschools 30 years ago, then Vincentian children would have a much better education. SVG could have had its own university 30 years ago, then tens of thousands of Vincentian children would be graduates and be able to get high-paid, long-term jobs anywhere in the world. SVG could have had its own tuna fishing industry 30 years ago and this would have sprouted secondary industries and there would be mass employment now in SVG.

The parasitic Taiwanese are selfish. They have stolen the future of a generation of Vincentian children.

A Green government will deport the Taiwan ambassador. We will cut ties with the parasitic Taiwanese and made ties with China. Taiwan’s presence in SVG is an economic delusion and perpetuates poverty and squalor.

A Green government will set up an SVG tuna fishing and canning industry which will provide jobs for thousands of Vincentians. The billions of dollars that we will make from the tuna industry will be used to build our own SVG university, improve hospitals and other health facilities in SVG, provide free education from preschool to university and connect every house to mains water and electricity.

In order to create a strong economy and ensure prosperity and jobs for our people, parasitic Taiwan has to go.

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