Fri 2nd Nov 2012

ULP independence address 2012 - nothing to report

The independence address given by the ULP regime at Victoria Park on Saturday 27th October 2012, to celebrate SVG's 33 years of independence was hollow and dull. The ULP regime's flagship, the education revolution, is a big failure. Education cannot be successful under a weak economy.

A Green government will invest $200 million a year and build three science and technology universities. It is high quality education in conjunction with a science-based economy that builds a nation and moves it forward to become prosperous.

The ULP regime has no good news for the people and nothing to offer the country to get the nation moving forward. Rather than independence, SVG has debt dependence after years of wasteful spending of taxpayers' money on white elephants, that offer no return on the capital spent and no long-term secure jobs.

We have fallen behind the rest of the world in mathematics, and still after 33 years of independence, we do not have our own science and technology university or taken intelligent steps to replace electricity produced by dirty and expensive oil, with electricity produced from clean and free renewable energies such as wind, solar and hydro.

The ULP regime is a massive failure which is why there was nothing to report. SVG is stifled by Gonsalves' financial incompetence and the ULP regime's 'creative' management of government monies. According to the Director of Audit's report 2007 'it was also noted that an amount of $10,085,474.17 -SD 2205 Accountant General Loan Monies recorded on the Certificate of Balance 2007 which was issued by the National Commercial Bank; appear not to be recorded in the Accounts of Government.

The independence address could have been livened-up with an explanation to the people about where the missing $10,085,474.17 went to!

The time has come for Gonsalves to step aside as SVG Minister of Finance, in the best interest and for economic survival of our beloved country. How many more independence messages must the people hear, where the hollow and dullness illustrate the fact that Gonsalves is utterly and grossly incompetent in the management of SVG's scarce finances?

Times are hard, and people look to independence celebrations for inspiration and hope, and an end to their pain and suffering.

A Green government will bring in a manufacturing sector, agro-processing and an education industry. We must convert the abundance of dead capital in SVG to live capital to stimulate economic growth, overcome fiscal deficit, create thousands of new jobs and produce new products for export.

Since 2001, the ULP regime has achieved nothing of consequence and so had nothing to report to the country in the 2012 independence celebrations.

A positive SVG independence address should declare how many of our children have graduated from our own SVG university, how much the economy has grown, how much surplus revenue the Treasury has, how our health sector provides for our people without the need to abroad for medical care and how our people have enjoyed another year of prosperity.

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