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Fri 2nd Dec 2011

Science university of prime importance for sustainable development in SVG

From day one, SVG Green Party insisted that having our own science university is of prime importance for sustainable development in SVG. Many small countries have already taken steps to educate their people and SVG is getting left behind.

We must be visionary and prepare ourselves for sustainable development with our own science university. It is necessary to educate our people to create a strong economy and align the development of our education system and economy with climate change and sustainable development in mind.

A recent UNESCO document said that sustainable development is the 'ultimate goal of the Man-environment relationship'; thus, the whole educational process should be 'reshaped for sustainable development'.

Education is thought to be humanity's best hope and most effective means in the quest to overcome the problems we will face with climate change. The calls for a Green revolution are being echoed worldwide. Greening a society is viewed as the best way to implement sustainable development, create jobs and reduce poverty.

In SVG, the economy is developed is a very haphazard way, changing frequently. It is failing to create jobs for all and does not help in the fight to eradicate poverty. Consequently, SVG is far from achieving its commitment with regards to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and failing to prepare our country and people for the problems climate change will bring.

In the USA, at the Ross School of Business, Professor C.K. Prahalad says that education must play a vital role if humanity is to respond to the challenges of climate. Climate change is the greatest public policy issue of our time, yet in SVG all the ULP regime seem to focus upon is everything else aside from Greening our country.

As a nation we have to change direction and change our mindset; education must promote and drive sustainable development and our economic future. Begging and borrowing and depending upon other countries as the ULP regime does, is a lazy and unconstructive approach to creating jobs and educating our nation. It will not solve the problems of climate change and sustainable development.

We must modernise our consumption and production patterns. This Green change must be led by our own people. We need to ditch the ULP dependency culture and economic delusion.

Phasing out oil and bringing in renewable energy in the form of hydro, solar, wind and geothermal will be a high priority under a Green government. This will show the world that SVG is a forward-thinking, responsible nation, that is doing its bit to fight climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For this, we will educate our people to gain knowledge about renewable energy technology and engineering.

The Green economy will be technology and export driven to bring in revenue and create thousands of new jobs.

Having our own science university is a good, long-term investment in our country's and children's future. A Green government will orient education to empower the people to deal with sustainable development in SVG. Green is prosperity.

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