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Fri 23rd Sep 2011

Women say poor leadership at the top in SVG is the catalyst for crime and social decay

A number of women have said to the Leader of SVG Green Party, Ivan O'Neal, that poor leadership at the top in SVG is the catalyst for crime and social decay. A grandmother said poor leadership has made living in SVG go from bad to worse.

One woman said people are struggling to make ends meet, with high light bills, food prices going up and crime and criminality everywhere. She thought that SVG is not a good place to live. This elderly lady said in her own words that 'she cannot understand how our beloved country could fall down so much'.

A mother from the Grenadines said if education is the yardstick to measure leadership in SVG, then there is no leadership. Education was meant to be the flagship of the ULP, yet the Common Entrance Exam (CEE) 2011 in her opinion is the worst since independence. This shows that the ULP has failed.

She said that not enough resources are put into education in the Grenadines and she is very concerned with the low pass rate of the CEE.

Some women said that giving school children a laptop when there is no electricity in the family home is a joke. Many poor children cannot use or charge their laptop at home, because they have no electricity as it is too expensive, and many poor parents have no jobs.

They said giving school children $200 dollars before the referendum was nonsense and short-term thinking. Most primary and secondary schools do not have a science lab. For long-term benefit, it would have been better to put this money in to improving schools. Poor leadership is the cause of this wastage.

Women say to build a new jail when ripe fruit drops to the ground and goes rotten is a joke. Factories to process this fruit into juice would create revenue and jobs to help the rural economy. It is very depressing said the women and blamed it on poor leadership by government.

One woman summarised the situation as greed at the top, unclear policies, no vision and a lack of respect by those at the top for the people. She emphasised that the piecemeal and ad hoc approach to development in SVG means that the ordinary citizen has no idea what's coming next. There's no long term development plan, and in her opinion, SVG is in a shambles because of poor leadership.

Social decay, poor education results, increasing poverty and the high level of crime and criminality are symptoms of poor leadership. The gross incompetence of those at the top of government is a major barrier to prosperity in SVG.

We need an alternative to this poor leadership. If we fail to change direction SVG can become a failed state. We must go Green to create revenue and long-term jobs. We need to vastly improve the education system and build a university.

We must end VAT and have a fairer tax system. We should use our indigenous resources to bring prosperity to our people. The days of begging and borrowing and living off other nations are long gone. We must stand on our own two feet.

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