Fri 3rd Dec 2010

SVG Green Party nominates 8 women and 7 men for the SVG General Election 2010

The result of the SVG General Election 2010 is wide open. It will be decided by the Almighty and the silent majority. There are many people who usually do not vote. We say to those people, use your voting power to bring prosperity to you and your country.

SVG Green Party could win by virtue of having the best ideas to propel SVG into a sustainable, prosperous and green economy with high quality jobs and a high inflow of revenue for our country.

The core problem in SVG is the lack of quality job creation and a significant shortage of revenue. The NDP and ULP are bankrupt of ideas. They have no plan and spend their time painting the road and walls in an effort to win the election. This is a 1950s mentality.

SVG Green Party will tax the super-rich of Mustique and Canouan and amend the SVG Fish Act 2001 to build a fishing and fish canning industry. We will build factories to produce tea, baby food, fruit juices, cut stone and spice. We will create an industry to export excess drinking water and bring in renewable energy for cheap electricity.

We will build our own SVG university to educate the children. There will be free education from preschool to university and we will abolish VAT. We will bring competent financial management systems to significantly reduce SVG's public debt.

These measures will provide SVG with thousands of new quality jobs and hundreds of millions of revenue. A vote for the NDP or ULP is a wasted vote. The NDP and ULP have shown they lack the ability to move SVG forward. The SVG economy should not be managed on begging and borrowing like the ULP regime does.

SVG Green Party will move SVG into a new direction, giving $500 per month state pension for life from aged 60 years to every man and woman. We will end the stigma of poor relief.

SVG Green Party preaches equality and empowerment for women and we practise it too. Nine of our candidates are women. As Kofi Annan, the previous General Secretary says, "There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women". Women, vote Green for empowerment and equality.

We will create niche tourism and upgrade the agriculture industry with guaranteed prices and market. The NDP and ULP have no solution to SVG's dying economy. They use a scatter-gun approach, achieving nothing and getting SVG deeper into debt and deficit.

SVG Green Party has the plan to create wealth, revenue and thousands of good quality jobs. We will take the pressure off the poor masses by operating a strong, multi-variable economy. We will cut ties with Taiwan and create ties with China. Only an export-driven Green economy can save the SVG economy from collapse and end the pain and misery our people suffer under the economically incompetent ULP regime.

On election day, let us join together and make world history by voting in the first green government in the world. Let us join together and really begin to build a better, prosperous life for all Vincentians.

Vote Green for prosperity, new jobs and new revenue.

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