Fri 22nd Oct 2010

SVG Green Party government will bring prosperity to SVG

Unfairly, the poor in SVG must pay tax, whereas the super-rich get tax exemptions. Mustique and Canouan do not pay tax. A Green government will abolish their tax exemptions. This will create over $50 million of revenue annually for the SVG Treasury.

Since 1981, both the ULP and NDP have allowed Taiwan to rip-off SVG. Taiwan creams-off over a billion dollars annually from the SVG deep sea fish licence. A Green government will change the 2001 Fish Act and implement a joint venture deep sea fishing industry with China to bring in approximately $700 million annually.

Part of the Green plan is to reduce everyone's costs. At the moment as a country, households and businesses are forced to waste tens of millions of dollars annually on high electricity bills, because the ULP regime wants to prop up Venezuela by buying its oil.

A Green government will phase out oil use for electricity production and bring in renewable energy such as wind and solar. This free energy source will substantially reduce everyone's bills. Households and businesses will have lower overheads, and hence, more disposable income. This will help businesses and create more new small businesses.

A Green government will help farmers to produce more of our food. Each year, $200 million of Vincentians' money goes abroad on imported food. We must consume more locally-produced food so SVG's farmers get richer. We will revitalise and modernise the decimated agriculture sector.

A Green government will export excess drinking water in rainy times to foreign countries. Presently, excess drinking water flows into the sea. This is like throwing hundreds of millions of dollars in the bin annually. For example, Iceland earns $20 million annually, Lesotho earns $170 million and Turkey earns $400 million. SVG has the potential to earn $150 million annually.

When the SVG science university is built, a Green government will offer places to foreign students. This will bring in millions of dollars for the country in fees and student accommodation. The university will also earn income from research projects.

A Green government will set up factories in Vermont and Mespo valleys to process food, tea bags and fruit juices for export bringing over $40 million annually.

Having a university graduate in finance, Ivan O'Neal, as Minister of Finance competently managing SVG's finances, will save taxpayers over $90 million annually.

The change to innovative, new Green economics will resuscitate the SVG economy. A strong economy will create thousands of new jobs for the people and bring in a substantial income to the SVG Treasury. Mass tourism will destroy SVG and will not create long-term income or long-term jobs.

Grenada has just announced that they are going Green - all their policies will be based on a Green philosophy. SVG must go Green so that we do not get left behind and destroy our precious resources. The people deserve prosperity and the ULP have shown they are not economically competent enough to bring prosperity. All they do is beg and borrow.

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