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Fri 6th Aug 2010

NDP and ULP 'food and fete' versus SVG Green Party's manifesto for jobs and prosperity

SVG Green Party has opened its general election campaign with a manifesto for jobs and prosperity. The NDP and ULP have both opened their general election campaign with food and fete in Richland Park. It's hard to tell them apart nowadays.

The ULP and NDP 'food and fete game' is a mindset of the 1930s. They treat Vincentians as ignorant people, expecting them to exchange their vote for a burger and music. But the world has changed, and so have Vincentians. In the modern world, the modern Vincentian exhibits more intelligence. There's no longer a thirst for fete, but a thirst for prosperity and a higher standard of living.

The 1930s have gone and Vincentians have had their eyes opened to the danger of exchanging their vote for fete. They know the NDP and ULP 'food and fete' game doesn't lead to prosperity. What they want to know is how do the ULP and NDP propose to bring them prosperity? ULP and NDP tell us your strategy.

Even though they have no manifesto, we all know the answer. Like a dripping tap or a needle stuck on a worn out record, the NDP and ULP churn out the same old tired mantra: mass tourism and begging Taiwan is their way forward. They want to turn our country into a playground for rich tourists. They have run out of ideas.

They have both been bad for our people, creating debt and poverty. The most recent disaster of Gonsalves breaking our national bank has brought shame to our country. Having to sell our national bank sends out a message to the world that Vincentians can't look after themselves.

Given this historic disaster, it would be morally wrong for the ULP to ask the people for a third term. We ask whether Vincentians savings are safe in NCB and is there enough money to pay government workers.

SVG Green Party will create revenue and bring jobs and prosperity to the people by:

  • getting rid of Taiwan and amending SVG's Fish Act 2001, to create a joint-venture fish industry with China of over $400 million annually;
  • selling drinking water in bulk tanker loads bringing over $150 million annually;
  • setting up factories in Vermont and Mespo valleys to process food, tea bags and fruit juices for export bringing over $40 million annually;
  • having a university graduate in finance, Ivan O'Neal, as Minister of Finance competently managing SVG's finances, saving taxpayers over $90 million annually;
  • abolishing Mustique Company Acts 2002 and 2003 and making the rich in Mustique pay their taxes and customs duties of over $25 million annually;
  • revitalising and modernising the decimated agriculture sector,
  • creating an industry of over $100 million annually;
  • resuscitating the SVG economy with the other ideas in our manifesto, creating thousands of new jobs for people.

Compare our manifesto to the NDP and ULP 1930s 'food and fete' mindset. The answer is clear - time to give SVG Green Party a mandate to form a government for your prosperity.

The defeat of the 25th November 2009 ULP constitution referendum was a great achievement for the people of SVG. Getting a NO vote was a blessing and saved SVG from the shackles of communism and dictatorship. The NO vote showed that you the people have the power. Use your power on election day to bring jobs and prosperity to you and your family. Vote GREEN.

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