Fri 4th Dec 2009

The harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all

Our Caribbean brother, Jimmy Cliff, must have prophesised the Comrade's downfall through his famous song written decades ago, 'The harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all'.

Fellow Vincentians, the statistics says that in the SVG 2005 general elections, Ralph and the ULP regime received 32,006 votes, whereas in the 25th November 2009 referendum, Ralph and the ULP regime received only 22,493 yes votes. This is a difference of 9,513 votes and equates to a swing of 30% away from the ULP regime. Comrades, the silent majority has spoken - it is time for Ralph and the ULP to say goodbye to the House of Assembly!

The Comrade told the nation that he worked on a Sunday to introduce the wicked one dollar Grenadines wharf tax. He stated that this was a twenty four hour government. When three young black men were killed by police gunfire in the Vermont Valley, he came on television and made a prime ministerial statement, asking do you want the police to use water guns?

Six months after introducing VAT, he went to the House of Assembly and made another prime ministerial statement and boasted how he was receiving so much money from VAT. He must have known or should have known, the pain and suffering the 15% VAT would cause the poor masses.

When the General Secretary of SVG Green Party was charged with sedition, Ralph went on television and said that he had been a criminal lawyer for over thirty years and that the General Secretary has a case to answer. When the case came up in the Criminal Magistrate Courts, the magistrate ruled that there was no case to answer and that to rule otherwise would curtail freedom of speech in SVG. That magistrate was subsequently removed.

He subsequently amended the law to give the government the right to appeal. The DPP appealed and three Justices of Appeal turned down the appeal. The alleged seditious matter was finally laid to rest. To celebrate thirty years of political independence, the Comrade opened a king-sized forty million dollars jail at Belle Isle to lock up our children, instead of a university to commemorate independence and educate our children. Is this not an insult from the Comrade?

When the alleged rape and sexual assault against the Prime Minister was abandoned by the female police officer, he did not sue her to clear the good name of the Office of Prime Minister, but rather he has been suing a number of other persons for deformation and slander. Where is the consistency in all of this for a serving Prime Minister? The entire country was listening and observing.

The referendum results of 55.60 percent NO votes that rejected the proposed new constitution is no surprise. The voice of the silent majority has spoken.

A PhD in words, coupled with a high propensity for begging and borrowing, are not enough to move our country forward. Hand over the SVG baton to capable hands is the call of the moment. To delay, will only serve to the detriment of our country.

SVG Green Party's relentless and professional effort was instrumental in destroying the YES vote campaign, and therefore, saving our country from the brink of dictatorship and communism.

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