Fri 13th Nov 2009

Will a yes vote turn the obsolete Argyle airport in to a foreign military base?

It has become abundantly clear that the absence of night landings at Argyle will make the project obsolete. What are the inherent components that make night landings at Argyle impossible? The Stubbs end landing approach has a rather high cliff embankment that borders the sea. This cliff is a major flight safety hazard for night landings.

In addition, hazard warning lights will have to be erected in the sea below. During rough seas and bad weather conditions at night, there is no guarantee that these hazard warning lights would be visible to facilitate night landings. Taking into account that the argyle airport project is no longer usable for passenger aircraft traffic, are we to assume that the hidden agenda is to build a military base at Argyle?

Under the present constitution with the Queen as head of State, a foreign military base can never be established in SVG. However, under the proposed new constitution, the Head of State shall act on all advice given by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. A yes vote on the referendum would make the establishment of a foreign military base at Argyle a reality.

Looking at the slow pace of work being carried out at Argyle, it is obvious that the ULP administration has run out of funds to complete the project, and that the haste in forcibly buying a yes vote is their only political and economic alternative action to complete the Argyle project for a military entity. Vincentians are not that stupid as to give this wicked regime a yes vote at this time. If there are any anomalies with the present constitution, let us change the particular articles by amendments.

Selecting Argyle for airport development was very bad judgement. To convert Argyle into a foreign missile military base would be political madness, as this would make SVG a target for pre-emptive military air attacks. The consequences to the people and economy of SVG would be catastrophic.

It is still not too late to call off the misfit Argyle Airport project, and apologise to the persons whose lives have been affected and to the nation as a whole. This project will continue to be a millstone around the neck of Vincentians. The longer we continue to entertain the ULP and this project, the deeper we will become engrossed in a huge national debt. With regard to all of the above, the project fully warrants a review with the aim of discontinuation.

SVG Green Party is making a special appeal to Vincentians and other nationals living in SVG for common sense to prevail on referendum day - support a NO vote. Please remember to VOTE NO on referendum day. The ULP regime is proceeding as if the country is on fire and the referendum is a fire hose, which is obviously not the case. The country belongs to all of us. Why should we let the greedy group manipulate us to our detriment?

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