St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party


Fri 15th May 2009

Gonsalves' begging bowl strategy finally collapses

A dark, ominous cloud hangs over SVG. The ULP regime has been forced to seek an emergency blood transfusion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to prevent the SVG economy from instant death.

There is no economy under Gonsalves' governance: grass has taken over agriculture; tourism is dying; the rural economy has been slaughtered; small businesses are going bust and remittances from the SVG diaspora are in peril. As a result SVG is getting poorer and weaker. If we do not change direction to the Green revolution, SVG could deteriorate to being dependent on food aid from the United Nations, like Haiti and Bangladesh.

Gonsalves has had numerous warnings from the SVG Director of Audit about financial control within the various ULP ministries being sloppy. SVG Green Party has been telling the ULP regime for a long while, that the regime has been spending excessively by over 65 million dollars annually. This economic crisis was inevitable.

The consequences of IMF involvement are very serious. It can result in salaries being frozen, thousands of public servant job losses and the sale of public assets such as NCB, VINLEC and CSWA. This tough stance by the IMF and ULP regime will cause even more hardship and suffering for poor families, with possible social unrest jeopardising foreign investments.

SVG has nothing to fall back on. The dark cloud over SVG threatens the nation and our financial security. Our priority must be food for the hungry, job creation for the unemployed and revenue creation to maintain our civic service infrastructure. Gonsalves should have addressed Parliament on this serious financial matter, instead he is playing down the issue by letting the press inform the country, which is unacceptable.

SVG's financial and economic situation is very bleak. It will be an act of madness to continue with the one billion dollar argyle airport while the IMF has been called in to assist the government with the financial crisis. It is reasonable to say that the Argyle airport construction should be put on hold.

The solution to SVG's financial and economic crisis is the Green revolution, consisting of a Green government and a Green economy. A Green economy will be driven by multiple industries. That way, when one sector has a downturn, the other 19 industrial sectors will keep the economy stable and strong as a whole.

A stable economy ensures a stable society. This means under a Green government we will not see masses of job losses, masses of businesses closing down and IMF intervention. People need permanent jobs and money in their pocket. A Green economy provides this. A Green economy will bring poor families out of poverty and guarantee their children get a good education.

The main pillars of a Green economy will be the sale of water in tanker loads, a modern fish processing and canning industry, at least 5 agro-processing factories, a renewable electricity industry and a science University. The main pillar of a ULP economy is begging and overtaxing the people. The ULP lack innovation and creativity.

SVG Green Party is calling on the nation to fully support the Green revolution - the only solution to SVG's financial and economic crisis.

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