St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party


Fri 27th Feb 2009

Green government crucial for a prosperous SVG

What really constitutes a Green Government? Green Leadership, transparent governance, a green economy and a positive impact on the development of our country.

The Leader of the SVG Green Party, Ivan O'Neal, served as an Environmental Engineering Officer with the British Royal Air Force. He has a BSc honours degree in finance, a Masters degree in budgeting and macroeconomics, and a Masters degree in Business Administration. His environmental experience from the Royal Air Force was instrumental in the formation of the SVG Green Party.

Ivan O'Neal was a Leader of military units in England, Brunei and other countries worldwide, managing large budgets of millions US dollars. The Sultan of Brunei awarded him the Brunei cross. Ivan O'Neal was the Leader of international sports units in Holland.

Ivan O'Neal has a capable, safe and trustworthy pair of hands to take over the baton from the ULP regime and there is absolutely no doubt that he is the most qualified Leader to lead a Green Government in SVG and bring prosperity to all in SVG.

The world has woken up to the benefits of Green economics, and Greening the economy is now an initiative of United Nations Environment Programme. "We're now on the threshold of a global transformation - the age of Green economics" Ban Ki-Moon (United Nations General Secretary).

With an ever increasing gap between rich and poor, and the increasing number of people living below a minimum standard of living, there is a need for new solutions and a complete reassessment of the problems in SVG and what really counts. SVG Green Party is at the forefront of Green economics and developing solutions to the current 'ULP-regime-created' crisis. We will bring long-term and real prosperity to people and our natural environment.

Green economics urges governments to listen and to act on all voices, the voices of the quiet, older people, younger people, people with disabilities, minorities and all the voices of the powerless. Green Economics is inclusive and thrives on diversity and works for everyone's benefit including the weakest and the voiceless in our society. It is about ensuring everyone and everything flourishes, and that everyone has their say.

A Green economy is one that is environmentally and socially friendly. Driven by Green technology and science, it properly manages a country's resources to create new jobs, new products and new wealth. It creates an independent strong economy and means, we as a nation, can regain our dignity and not have to depend on ULP regime style begging for fiscal survival.

In SVG a Green Economy is so important. It will substantially reduce your fuel bills by properly utilising renewable energy such as hydro, wind, solar and biogas which are all environmentally friendly. It will protect and preserve our living environment by zoning tourism. And, it will substantially rejuvenate and strengthen our dying agricultural sector, bringing food security and a sustainable, financially-thriving rural economy.

The Green Party is therefore appealing to our people to analyse the importance of the Green philosophy to our life and living and fully support the SVG Green Party by electing a Green Government at the next general elections in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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