Fri 12th Dec 2008

Gonsalves' weak leadership turns Parliament into a market place

Nine months ago, the Hon. Leader of the official Opposition was on his feet debating an issue. The cross talk and the deliberate heckling of Mr. Eustace by the government side was heavy. The Leader of SVG Green Party, Ivan O'Neal, who was in the public gallery in Parliament, stood up and said 'Order Mr. Speaker'. The Speaker called Order and then ordered Mr O'Neal to leave the public gallery immediately.

On Tuesday 2nd December 2008, during the 2009 budget debate, the Hon. NDP Senator Daniel Cummings was on his feet making a contribution to the 2009 Budget debate. The cross talk from the ULP government's side was so heavy and deliberate that the Speaker of the Parliament said 'This Parliament has been reduced to a market place'. Although the Speaker's comments are most derogative to the good name of Parliament, they reflected the arrogance and ill behaviour of the ULP Parliamentarians.

However, who is the real culprit? The Speaker has no control of the House of Parliament. We find it unbelievable that the Speaker has the gall to make such comments, when he should be in charge. The whole scenario shows that there is no discipline from PM Ralph Gonsalves. When the leader of the ULP, the Speaker of the House and ULP parliamentarians do not respect the highest institution of the land, Parliament, the implication of this is that the average citizen will not show any respect for the laws of the land.

Criminality and crime are the winners. During his winding up of the debate, which the Opposition boycotted, PM Gonsalves made reference to dogs and cats running away - chastising the opposition for not attending the final session. Can people have any respect for this Prime Minister ever?

The people of SVG and the region have had a good look at Ralph Gonsalves' 8 years in office. When Gonsalves took office in 2001, SVG was at the bottom of the economic ladder. Eight years later, SVG is still at the bottom. The ill disciplined ULP team do not have the capacity to build a strong and sustainable SVG economy. Gonsalves is on record saying, it is difficult to manage SVG without grants. The global begging bowl, borrowing and breast feeding from Taiwan has become the economic oxygen for the incompetent ULP regime.

Most people will agree that SVG has gone from bad to worse under Gonsalves' watch. Unemployment is significantly high. Crime is a day to day occurrence. Poverty is escalating and illiteracy is growing, leaving the children of the poor behind. Many are very concerned that an extension of the ULP in office could crumble our country into squalor, with poor masses paying a heavy price for the incompetence of Ralph Gonsalves and his arrogant colleagues.

There is an alternative with a Green Government. We believe in utilising our indigenous natural resources to create new jobs and increase revenue, whereas the ULP believes in the dependency culture. An SVG Green Party government will steady the ship and save the economy. We will invest in you and invest in the nation. The returns will benefit you, the next generation and beyond.

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