St. Vincent & the Grenadines Green Party


Fri 5th Sep 2008

The merger of the SVLP and the MNU to form the ULP regime is SVG's biggest political disappointment ever

It is 7 years since the ULP regime took office and we have not seen the crucial aspirations of the SVLP surfacing. The truth is, the merger is null and void and the communist side of the merger holds the reins of power. The late Hon Milton Cato, father of the nation, must be turning in his grave. Milton Cato had always been a fighter for the working class in SVG.

The ULP leadership takes a selfish attitude - putting self before country. For example, in Parliament on 28th August 2008, Gonsalves said Joshua and Cato did not build an international airport but he will. Gonsalves is always ready to make negative statements about our heroes to make himself look good. The fact that he seeks every opportunity to belittle Milton Cato - on whose foundation he stands as SVG's serving Prime Minister - says that his ingratitude to the SVLP alone disqualifies him to continue as the leader of the ULP.

The ULP education strategy is a vehicle for upward mobility for the children of the middle and upper classes. Statistics have shown that for the past 7 years the children of the poor and disadvantaged have been pushed aside. This was not the dream of Milton Cato who was a fighter for the cause of the poor.

The late Ebenezer Theodore Joshua, one of our national heroes, was another fighter against colonialism. For Gonsalves to use the Argyle Military airport to discredit Ebenezer Joshua and Cato, who fought for the very Crown lands which Ralph is now selling, shows he really doesn't have SVG at heart.

Seventeen years in opposition and seven years in office and all Ralph can offer this country is begging, borrowing and high taxes. He fails to understand that in the long-term the selling of crown lands makes us poorer and weaker as a nation, and that, concrete structures do not represent development.

When the ULP took office in 2001, SVG was third from bottom on the economic ladder, above Guyana and Haiti. Seven years later our position hasn't changed. Gonsalves tries to give the impression that he is the only one in SVG who has the education and capability to advance SVG. It is prophetic that the General Secretary of SVG Green Party stated at Buccament in 2006 that 'De Comrade thinks he is the only man in SVG with some savvy'. Everyone can now see that the policies Gonsalves has in mind for SVG are a disaster.

You will recall that the ULP used the NDP Greedy Bill to pull the NDP out of office in 2000. The ULP have already sneaked in an identical Greedy Bill through the back door under the guise of the Powell reclassification. When Gonsalves took office the salary of the Prime Minister was $101,673. In 2008, Ralph took a pay increase of $12,072 - rocketing his salary to $129,876. He gave poor people an increase of $360.00 in 2008 and he has taken $12,072.00 himself, plus an increase in entertainment allowance.

Where is his love for poor people in all this?

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