Fri 25th Jul 2008

ULP Youth Rewards: From school to crime to prison' SVG deserves better

While the office of PM enjoys a millionaire lifestyle, over 700 textbooks valued in excess of EC $20,000 for the book loan scheme for the children of the poor were destroyed by termites. The impact contributed to common entrance exam results for 2008 tumbling to 53% from 60% in 2007, with boys achieving only a 46% pass. This shows how incompetently the ULP regime operates.

Since SVG's independence, boys have not achieved a 50% pass rate in common entrance exams. The 1992 Housing and Population Census report sounded the alarm bells that SVG was losing its boys in education. The result of grossly neglecting boys in education is a high proportion of young males in prison. Observation by the socially conscious SVG Green Party of proceedings at the Serious Offences Court concludes that there is a bleak picture of neglect by the ULP regime in properly educating our youth, especially the male youth.

It seems that the ULP regime took office in an unprepared state. They have had 3 ministers of education and not one has implemented a strategy for education that properly helps our young males. It is time for a new government that can lift the educational levels to a higher standard in SVG so that the young are better able to get jobs and achieve stable financial incomes.

Too many young people are going from school to crime to prison. They deserves better. The education provided by the incompetent ULP regime is not equipping the youth for life. It barely equips the majority of young people to pass the common entrance exam. This shows that the ULP regime's education system is totally inadequate and the ULP regime for seven years has failed miserably to improve the educational standard of SVG.

Despite strong warnings given by the 1992 census that we are losing our boys, the ULP' regime is still turning them into an unemployable underclass. Boys have vastly inferior reading and writing skills at the age of 11. Failure to improve literacy at primary school is fuelling an "anti-education culture" among boys, turning many towards a life of crime. Thousands of children - particularly boys - are being let down by the ULP regime's primary school system.

Under this government thousands of poor children are behind educationally before they enter school. Improvements should be made to identify and support children who are late in learning to read and write at primary school and to address their problems before they become entrenched. It is far too expensive not to!

There is a clear link between failure at school and a life of crime. Many boys have a very low self esteem due to the very poor standard of education they receive. They then become poor candidates for the job market. Not surprisingly, they may end up unemployed and vulnerable, and a very large proportion will become involved in drugs and crime.

An SVG Green Party government will put the ULP and the NDP regimes to shame by implementing its modern education policy. SVG badly needs to rethink its education system. It is failing young people and destroying their life opportunities.

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