Fri 11th Jul 2008

Vincentians be alert - ULP Regime is sucking the blood of NIS

The economically competent SVG Green Party wishes to advise Vincentians that SVG's fragile economy is in serious trouble. The incompetent ULP regime has put all their lack of talent into one basket - tourism. However, that basket is broken. In terms of NIS money, SVG Green party is warning that NIS funds are not safe with the ULP REGIME.

On 4th July 2008, a Ministry of Tourism spokesperson voiced what everyone else apart from the ULP regime already knew - tourism is failing! The spokesperson said that tourism is in serious trouble. The hotel industry has reported less than desired bookings and visitor stay-overs have fallen by 8%. Bad ULP regime planning, high oil prices, a weak US dollar and a reduction in air flights are choking tourism here.

The implication of this crisis in tourism and the economy as a whole is that the ULP regime will have to beg the IMF to help them. When the IMF is called in, public sector wages will be frozen and many public sector employees will be sacked. Families are already struggling, but with the IMF it will get worse. We have to question whether this ULP leadership values the people of SVG. Brace yourself for this almighty crisis. The only way to avert it is to get the ULP regime out of office - now!

SVG is in a perilous financial state. SVG's debt is over EC$ 1.5 billion. The ULP regime has put SVG in too much debt. We pay back over EC$ 125 million a year in debt repayment. The ULP regime is mismanaging the economy on large bank overdrafts. There is a EC$ 58 million overdraft at the NCB, a EC$ 30 million loan at First Caribbean bank. More seriously, the ULP regime has taken EC$ 20 million of your NIS money in a loan. Have they taken another twenty million dollars of the poor people's money?

The underwater Argyle airport is economic and financial madness. The PM is trying to build a post colonial economy by begging colonials and trying to turn SVG into a colonial holiday camp. This is not just a lack of joined-up thinking, but a lack of thinking altogether. It is this type of brainless floundering that drives the economy down and crime and poverty up. The ULP regime is digging a hole to fill a hole. But there's a famous expression that applies to the PM - 'when you're in a hole, stop digging!

Our people need stability from a government that cares. We have the highest murder and rape rates, unthinkable food prices, deadly VAT, countrywide fear and the worst ever agricultural sector melt down, similar to the melt down in agriculture in Zimbabwe. Look at the crisis in that Zimbabwe today?

Every child that is born in SVG is born into a life of debt. When it takes its first breaths of air it joins us in debt, because the ULP regime has created a debt of over 14,000 dollars for every Vincentian. And it's going up.

We're ready for a happier life, aren't you? Voting green is the sensible choice.

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